D. Thrash Productions is a Hick Hop/Country Rap record label, home to Jawga Boyz, Dez, BoonDock Kingz, Porch Matthews, Tennessee Shine, Handz Onn, Bluefoot, Them Riverbank Boys, Jawga Sparxxx, Collard Green, and Teacher Preacher. Our roster is currently FULL, and we are not taking in any new artists, unless the situation is perfect. We pride ourselves, in not just being the "other" Country Rap label, but we are all family, and everyone who works for the label, look at each other, as true brothers and sisters. We all pull for each other, and when one of our artists, get a million views on YouTube, or charts on the billboards, it's not just for that artist, or that person.... but it's for the whole family. There are NO individual accomplishments here at D. Thrash Productions.... we succeed together, and we fail together. D. Thrash Productions/Inner Pain Music is arguably the most desired record label, or as we call it... "family" or "team" to be a part of right now. Just ask any one of our artists, who are currently signed to a multi-album deal.